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Mais cor e estilo

Obras exclusivas da série ‘Cósmicas’ :

  1.  Divino (70x50cm – técnica mista sobre tela painel)
  2.  Blue Moon (70x50cm – acrílica sobre tela painel)
  3.  A Paciência e a Roda do Tempo (120x80cm – técnica mista sobre tela painel)

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Um dos meus primeiros trabalhos em aquarela, ‘Lirismo’ e seus traços delicados em ambiente minimalista e iluminado com luz natural.

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Signo e Ascendente


  • Trabalhos em nanquim e aquarela sobre papel;
  • Acabamento em moldura com vidro;
  • Dimensões 21cmx29,7cm
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“A noite acendeu as estrelas porque tinha medo da própria escuridão.” Mário Quintana

Noite by Luciane Valença

(‘Noite’ by Luciane Valença / grafite e aquarela s/papel)

Obra disponível

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ambiente deliverypoente ambiente

Esses e outros ambientes cheios de bossa, você encontra na minha página no Facebook.

Luciane Valença Arts

Passa lá!


Título: ‘Sonho’
Técnica: acrílica e óleo s/tela painel
Dimensões: 40x30cm
《Luciane Valença – ano 2016》
Status: Obra à venda
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Sonho por Luciane Valença

Luciane Valença

Luciane Valença

Luciane Valença is part of the new generation of artists niteroienses that has been gaining strength everywhere and doing a job that is a pleasure to see. The independent scene is growing every day with quality work in music, handicrafts, gastronomy and the arts. Our thing. Our people. Silver home.

Born in Niterói in 1975, designer, visual artist and illustrator Luciane Valença works with visual communication for over 15 years. Founder of Atelier Valença & Arts, along with his brother, artist and restorer Carlos Valença, has been highlighted in the national art scene with a unique style. His influences, noticeable in his features, go through Art Nouveau, Futurism and Surrealism, creating a unique style.

Always mixing the same brush stroke in tints that seem to not have a beginning or end, marked by strong lines and contrasts of light and tones. Figurations and stories that invite us to a fantastic reality of a very particular world, of plastic beauty with depth, proposing a reflection on the emotions, daily life and psyche.

Valença brings to lovers of good painting aged news arising from inspirations, aspirations, desires, quirks and own emotions. It is part of a generation of talented artists willing to indulge in aesthetic revolution with sole intent to demolish the convenience in creation. There is color in Niteroi. And you could not even leave to get close!]



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Em pequenos goles

Chaplin by Lu Valença Einstein by Lu Valença 

Frida by Lu Valença Hitchcock by Lu Valença

 TARSILA by Lu Valença Gandhi by Lu Valença

Van Gogh by Lu Valença Monroe by Lu Valença 

Madonna by Lu Valença

Projeto Goles de Arte

by Lu Valença


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